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Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in the world of software, it’s now easier than ever to create a website. You don’t have to be a coder or a programmer in order to create a modern, fully-functional website. The good news is that we are not suggesting hiring a website designer which may be a costly solution. Our advice is to look for a good website builder that can help you create your dream site and manage it without external help. if you like this idea, keep reading this blog post because we are about to reveal our top websites builder picks.


If we take a look at the statistics, we will notice that WordPress.org is the most used self-hosted site builder on the planet. With the help of WordPress.org users will get complete control over their site’s elements and all the hosting-related features. In addition, this platform has a lively community which is always ready to provide support. Another thing that makes WordPress.org special is the presence of hundreds of great plugins that will make your website more successful when used in the right way.


Weebly is another popular website builder which exists for years now. The first you’ll probably notice about it is the user-friendly interface. This is the reason why many beginners are using Weebly. The other main reason is the fact that Weebly is cheap. You can use this platform for free if you don’t mind the ads. When it comes to the paid plans, it’s worth mentioning that each of their plans provides SSL security.


Webs has managed to develop a strong base of supporters in the last few years. This website building platform offers many options and features, but most people like it because it’s good for SEO. As a matter of fact, many local businesses have started using Webs for this reason. Search Engine Optimization is an important thing today and users want to take advantage of every tool that supports SEO.


There’s another giant present on this list and that’s SquareSpace. There are many things to like about SquareSpace, but most people like to highlight the great selection of modern templates on this platform. Some people may argue that the prices are a little bit high, but the simple design process, the great templates and the professional customer support probably make this website building platform worth the investment.

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